Hey everyone!

Bandcamp, one of my online download/merch retailers, is donating ALL of their proceeds from album sales tomorrow, February 3 to the ACLU. I just happen to have two albums through Bandcamp. :) Please click the link below to purchase the albums or tracks and help out!



Hey guys!

So, FINALLY, I have the full video of my cabaret, The Life & Time of Kyle Greer that I performed this past February at Davenport\'s! Enjoy the experience all over again or for the first time. :)



Hey all,

I'm sure many of you are feeling shaken after the outcome of the current election and the events that have followed (I know I have). I wanted to put something out there with my art to offer a sense of comfort and support. I hope you enjoy this cover of Tori Amos' Not the Red Baron (with a little bit of mashup treatment) and that it offers a bit of healing for you. Love to you all.



Hey everyone!

So, my wonderful friend and colleague, Brandon Jack Acker, and I have been recording a new album of my original material. I've put up some demo tracks on the sight as a fun little teaser. Please look for it coming out next year (projected Spring of 2017). Also, I'll be doing the inevitable kickstarter soon. So, please look for that and consider donating. It will be well worth, I promise!


11.15.14NEW VIDEOS

Hey guys,

So, my wonderful friend Daria Melnikova made a fantastic music video for me for my original song, "Loverboy for Louisa". We recently had a video premiere where I played a live along with a live performance along with the video (a la Philip Glass style). If you've never done that before, I highly recommend it! ;) Please check out the video along with videos of my live songs at Daria's youtube channel below at the related link.

P.S. Check out all the other wonderful artists on there such as Ryan de Ryke, Brandon Acker, and one of my side projects, Spears and Gears.

Love to you all,

07.28.12I'M ON CDBABY, Y'ALL!!!

My EP, Skeleton Key is officially on CDBaby (which also distributes through iTunes, Amazon, LastFM, and more). For FIVE DAYS (July 30th through August 3rd), CDBaby is taking NO CUT from the music they help independent artists (like me) sell through their website, cdbaby.com. This means if you go directly to their website to purchase my album by clicking the link below, I get ALL the profits! This really does help indie artists such as myself make more awesome music and do shows and all the wonderful stuff we love to do. Also, if you catch me in person, you can purchase a download card that will put the album right onto your computer, iPod, etc. Thank you all for your continued support of Indie music!!! :)

06.04.12I'M ON BANDCAMP, Y'ALL!!!

hey kids, you know how you guys are always like, "where can i buy your stuff?" or "where can i go to download your songs?" well, that question in FINALLY answered. my EP, Skeleton Key is now officially on bandcamp.com. just click the link below (or goto the "kyle on the web" section), and you can purchase the EP for a measly FIVE BUCK! you can also purchase individual songs as well (if you're feeling generous, you can always throw in an extra buck or two ;D). Also, my full length art rock project, THE TALE OF BAXTER THE MONEY...can be purchased as well for TEN BUCKS (and includes a BONUS track)! i hope you all enjoy! >:D


SOOO to up the ante on the upcoming (OUT) ROCK show with Manny Capozzi and Stephen Leonard, i'm doing a LIVE BY REQUEST segment. so feel free to email me or post on my wall songs you wanna hear me sing (covers or originals)! this can be stuff you've heard me do before or stuff you've always wanted to hear me sing (within reason ;D). if you can't remember a song you can always say things like "the one you sang at such and such show that went like this and such and such lyrics" ;)...you can definitely check out all my other websites for other tunes as a reference. if you don't have my contact info, feel free to post it here under the "contact" section. can't wait to hear what you guys come up with! :D

03.02.12NEW VIDEOS!

new videos are up on my youtube channel. so make sure and check it out for awesome new performance footage!

03.02.12NEW VIDEOS pt 2

the Fatally Cool channel also has a bunch of new performance footage as well. check it out!


Manny Capozzi, my Fatally Cool bandmate has released a music video featuring Fatally Cool and Vallery Dolls for "Let's Get Fat Together" from his upcoming album Sometimes It's Funny. if you haven't seen this video, please do! it's amazing! we're all pleased as punch with the way it turned out :) it's already gotten over 1100 views! let's keep 'em coming! >:)


this was a busy month for me as for as my creative outlet goes. i completed not only one but TWO album writing projects, February Album Writing Month and the RPM Challenge. both are personal challenges to write an album's worth of material in the month of February. i really took this opportunity to push myself creatively and explore new territory. i was very pleased with the outcome. you can definitely hear the fruits of my labor by going to clicking on the link to my soundcloud page. i hope you enjoy listening as much i did writing. :)


Fatally Cool is back AND with Vallery Dolls! we will be rocking it out tonite at Jackhammer for the illustrious Flesh Hungry Dog Show. also playing are Skinny Paul, Dyke van Dick, and special guest Andrea Sottovoce. Dj Sky will be spinning some killer tunes and, as always, hosted by Gary Ward. click on the link below for more details! hope to see you tonite!


so...i'mdoing an interview with the ¡Awesomonster! gang (aka Logan Conner, Nicholas Taylor, and James 'Manny' Manno TONITE on AWSM Radio! look for podcast coming soon >:) click on the link below for more info...


hey kids! i've entered the Chicago Hard Rock Rising contest (going on now through Feb 6th). if you live in Chicago (or within 50 miles of the city) you can help me win! click on the link below. my song, "Mother" should appear at the top. just click on "download" to get the song for FREE, and it counts as a vote for me. also, when you're done you can click on the Facebook icon to share it if you would. ;)


i'm so excited to be returning to Scott Free's awesome queer showcase, homolatte. this time is really special because not only do i have some awesome musician friends helping me out, but my dear friend, Ridgely Dunn is going to be the spoken word artist of the evening. she's getting ready to self publish her first novel, Messiah of Monsters and will be reading selections from it. Also, my wonderful bandmates, Manny Capozzi and Lo are going to be performing with me as well as the lovely, Vallery Dolls. it's going to be an awesome nite not to be missed! for more info clink on the link below or check under the "upcoming shows" section as well as on Facebook.


i'm so excited to be off to columbus with the lovely cruel valentine for Mind the Gap - A Drag Uproar! the lovely, Jac Stringer aka Midwest Genderqueer (whom i met at Queerpocalypse) invited me (along with some other wonderful chicago performers including the always enchanting, Lee-Na Moo) to participate in the amazing event. also presented by The Rev, tonites show will be hosted by the amazing Miss Tamale! i'll not only get to perform a solo set with the unbelievable Jay Very, i'll get to make an appearance with Little Orphan Trannie (aka Jay Very)!!! we'll wrap it all up with a little brunch and performance on Sunday presented by the incomparable Viva Valezz and the Velvet Hearts. it's going to be an amazing weekend, and i can't wait to regail everyone with stories about my first columbus experience! :)


so, i normally plug stuff for my band, fatally cool on our facebook page, but since this is a big show for us, i thought i'd plug it here as well. we recently lost on of our dear band mates, patty when she moved to california to be with her fiancee. so, this is our first show in a bit of a revamped state. we're really excited to show off our new stuff and reworkings of older stuff. we'll be at the ace bar on 10/07, and i hope you can come out and join us. look for show and ticket info in the "upcoming shows" section. meanwhile, you can check out facebook invite by clicking the related link here. also, you can peruse our facebook page under "kyle on the web" section". hope to see you all there!


hey lovelies! super exciting news! i have my first show in Madison, WI THIS weekend! i'll be there playing for some dear friends' wedding (the wonderful Carrie Colden and fantatic Ben Campana). i thought this would be a prefect opportunity to spread my wings and do a show in Madison. enter the lovely Cruel Valentine...she and i have been wanting to do some touring and traveling to other cities for a long time, and i thought this was the perfect opportunity. the dear Valentine was able to make this happen through the incredible Moxie Rhodes. we will be tearing it up with Foxy Veronica's Peach Pies and Judge Hydrogen at the Inferno Club THIS friday nite! for more info, goto the link in the "upcoming shows" section! meanwhile, check out Cruel Valentine's facebook link here!

07.24.1150/90 Challenge!

so...as an extension of FAWM that i did back in February (and successfully!!!) thanks to the awesome, Jeff Brown, now i'm doing the 50/90 challenge - writing fifty songs in ninety days. so far, i have eleven down with about 8 and half weeks to go. definitely look for new material at http://www.reverbnation.com/kylegreer5090songs (link in the "kyle on the web section"). for those of you who are interesting in being a part, you can click on the link here. find me under the username, "kylegreer", and we can keep tabs on each other. :)


My wonderful friend, Jeff Brown turned my attention to FAWM (February Artist Writing Month). The challenge was to write 14 songs in 28 days. Seeing that i came to this towards the end, it was even more of a challenge. Have no fear, i (and jeff, as well as many others) met the challenge with exciting results. please feel free to check us and others out on there. also, all of my new songs are posted on my reverbnation site as well. enjoy >:)...


hello lovelies!

a wonderful collective of artists including myself is doing a project at links hall in march called what is love? it's going to be a cheeky yet artful exploration of l'amour...>:)...right now we need your help to raise funds. please check out our kickstarter at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/70932779/what-is-love (or find the link under the "upcoming shows" section). you can also click on the related link below to check out more about the project and the performers...enjoy! MWAH!!!


so...i'm in the midst of recording an EP...take a listen to some of the fun rehearsal takes under the "listen" section...enjoy, and look for the album in the spring!!! >:)


Hey kids,

So...my band, fatally cool is about to start gigging (YAY!)...check out our facebook page (linked here and in the "kyle on the web" section). You can see our awesome pics, upcoming events, hear our tunes, and much, much more >:)...look for our show run starting in January at Mary's Attic...ttfn...

10.20.10WEAR PURPLE DAY!!!

hey everyone!

in light of recent events, today is the day to wear purple in honor of those who took their own lives due to homophobic bullying and harassment. We are here to say that bullying of any kind is not to be tolerated and everyone is special and worthy of love. So, please, make a statement today...a purple one ;) MWAH!!!

10.15.10NEW VIDS

The wonderful Antony Mores has provided me with a fabulous video from my Queerpocalypse performance...enjoy...and more to com...>:)


a few years ago, i played the part of truman in a movie called dead of knight. it is finally getting the world premiere it deserves! if you are in the houston area, please check it out. clink on the link below for more details :)


my beautiful friend, James Dorian Gray shared this with me...take a minute to check it out...you'll effin' love it! >:)


hey kids! do something positive to support the GLBT community! click the link for some great resources for coming out :)


hey kids, make sure and get your tickets to this radical event opening fri. we run every fri and sat in september, but tickets are flying outta here FAST! so, get yours now! You won't be disappointed, dudes....


Hey kids! Check the "pics and vids" section for some awesome new videos taken by the amazing, Dragon Alexander! Check out more under the "spambotparty" channel on youtube (check the link below)...they rock!!! >:)

07.26.10I'M A BUTTON, Y'ALL!!!

So...my beautiful friend, Candice (who makes buttons), made me into a fabulous button. Please check this out! Also, see what she has to say about BP; it's quite informative...much love to her face! MWAH!!!


Don't have a thing to do this saturday? Well, have I got some good news. Fill your day with fabulous Kyle-ocity! Come on down to the Windy City Ribfest in Uptown and watch me perform. I'll be going on at 4:30pm on the Community Stage sponsored by Wild Pug and Unpugged. The stage is located right in front of the Borders on Broadway at Lawrence conveniently located near many tasty rib vendors... >:)

After that, for a fun and swanky evening, join me at Dinner and a Floozie at Uncommon Ground on Devon. We'll be serving up an hour full of mischief and mayhem starting at 11pm. This is our last one for the summer, so don't miss it!

Check out these for more details (and all my other endeavors) in the "upcoming shows" section. :D


Come to Candice and Logan Conner's tonite at 7:30pm for a reading of my play, The Baby (the most recent version). You won't regret it...and cute baby themed food will be served :D


hey kids, my pal kristin (aka trixie sparks) and i are gonna hit up the open mic nite at gallery cabaret @ 7pm. come out and support and maybe even sing along! >:)...free dinner as well!!!


Hey kids! I just cast as Knox Harington in Vaudezilla presents Rollin’ Outta Here Naked: A Big Lebowski Burlesque . I'll be presenting a music/video art mock piece. It's going to rock! Definitely check out the link, and look for more details as the show approaches! :D


SO...I just recorded some songs yesterday with the wonderful Jenn Liang...look for them soon... >:)


hey kids! if you wanna sign the guestbook, just go under "contact" and leave a comment, and then it will magically appear in the guestbook...VOILA! >:)


so, kids, doing some recording in the near future, shooting for May 1st or 2nd...so look for new tunes on here soon! :) - also should have some new video material to post on here as well! YAY! :D