Have a tune you needed turned into sheet music? Need a piece arranged for piano, choir, orchestra, etc.? Whether you need piano, choral, or instrumental parts, or just a piece transposed to another key, look no further. I can take care of it for you at a reasonable price. Contact me for pricing and details (you can click the audio link in the next section to hear examples of my work).


If you're a performer and you need a backing track to perform to or practice with or an original piece or arrangement for a special purpose or occasion, I'm your guy, whether it's something written for you or a fun mix of a song or radio hit (or hits - I do love a good mashup!). Contact me for pricing and details. Click the audio link below to hear some samples of my work!


As an accompanist, I've worked with kids and adults on a diverse range of material from classical to rock. As a teacher and coach, I've taught voice, piano, music theory, and theater games in a wide range of settings from private lessons to group/classroom settings working with a wide variety of students from special needs kids to professional adults. Music and the arts has always been important to me, and I love having the opportunity to foster that in others and see the impact it has on all areas of their lives. Contact me for rates and details.


If you need a singer and/or piano/keys player for a special ocassion or you need someone to fill in for your band as a piano/keys player and/or a backup singer (or just want to add an extra sound), I know a variety of sounds and styles and learn music very quickly (sightread and read chords). Contact me for details and rates.